Daryl Stephenson, Artist, Caricatures, Cartooning, Embroidery, Pet Products, dog bandanas, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, B.C, Canada

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Q - What are your rates for commissioned drawings?

-If you are interested in commissioning a "gift" caricature, please select GIFT CARICATURES from the menu on the left. The information there will provide you with an idea of what they may cost. For all other cartooning and design projects, e-mail the artist to start the discussion. Each project is priced, based on the amount of drawing required and whether or not the drawing is digital or a more traditional drawing. (keep in mind traditional does not mean cheaper)

Q - Do you provide a discount if multiple caricature drawings are ordered?

-In most cases, yes. Best to e-mail the artist with the details so he can provide an accurate quote.

Q - Do I have to pay prior to getting the drawing, how does this work?

-Sometimes a non-refundable deposit is required, it all depends on the request and the amount of drawing required.But for normal requests the following applies. For digital drawings, once you have decided to have a drawing done, discussed it with the artist and agreed to a price, CARICATOONS will create the drawing and provide you with a low resolution digital file that is unsuitable for printing for your perusal. Once the drawing has been approved CARICATOONS expects full payment prior to providing you with the finished product. With traditional drawings, a photo would be taken of the drawing and e-mailed to you for perusal.

Q - What if I decide to change something in the drawing? Would there be an additional charge?

-If the drawing was a digital drawing (99% of CARICATOONS commissions are digital) and the requested changes were minor, then usually no additional charges would be applied. If the changes were big then additional charges may apply. With traditional drawings (other than digital) changes are not as easy and sometime a whole new drawing would need to be drawn. In these cases the costs can be a lot more. This is one of the main advantages to digital drawings. Changes are relatively easy.

Q - What types of payments do you accept?

-Interac E-transfer (preferred) available on most online banking sites in Canada


-Credit Card (through paypal, no paypal account required)

-Personal Cheques (though a waiting time for the cheque to clear may be required)

-Corporate cheque

-Money order or bank draft


-All international orders (including US) must pay through paypal, with a paypal account or by credit card (no paypal account required for credit card payments)

Q - How much time do you require to draw a CARICATOONS caricature?

-Best to give two weeks notice. There are times when the artist is buried in commissions but having said that, there are times when he can get them done on a quick turn around. Best to email the artist and inquire.

Q - OK, I've decided to have a drawing done, what now, do I show up at your studio or do you come to draw people at their homes?

-Caricatoons normally does not travel to peoples home to draw them for commissions, this would add considerable costs to the drawing, nor do they do this at the artists studio. CARICATOONS draws commissioned caricatures from photos that you provide by e-mail. If you need more info on ordering please check out How to order your drawing.

Q - Why are you always in your studio instead of making me dinner?

-Sorry dear, I'll be up soon.