Daryl Stephenson, Artist, Caricatures, Cartooning, Embroidery, Pet Products, dog bandanas, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, B.C, Canada

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Cartooning Tutorials and Speed Drawings on my Youtube Channel


Below are links to videos from my youtube channel "Daryl The Artist". You can find cartooning tutorials, Machine embroidery digitizing tutorials, fun animations and software tutorials.

The channel is constantly being update with new videos. I currently post every two weeks but hope to be more consistent with new projects coming on board. I would love to have you subscribe to my free content and help build my channel.

In addition to the youtube channel, there is a companion blog where you can download image files to use as reference as you learn to draw, or learn how to digitize for embroidery. These links are found in the video descriptions and comment section of each video, to access all the content on my youtube page and blog, choose to watch the video on Youtube. Check it out.