Daryl Stephenson, Artist, Caricatures, Cartooning, Window Painting, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, B.C
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I am a self taught artist living in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Just east of Vancouver. My passion for cartooning and drawing caricatures comes together with CARICATOONS as each drawing is a combination of both styles.

If you have any questions about ordering a CARICATOONS caricature or booking a live event, I would love to hear from you.

I am also available for commissions in any medium for any project.

I have a few charities that I am involved with already and if you are interested in hiring me for a charity event, please think about asking for a corporate donation from one of your sponsors to cover my costs.

If you are a writer and have a great idea and want some drawings done or have a great business idea and need a logo and will pay me in the future when the money starts coming in, please ask another cartoonist. Sorry if that sounds rude but I get these type of requests a lot. Although I love to draw, this does not mean I can survive on good intentions, please refer to the image below before asking me to work for free.