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The artist uses black markers on quality paper to create these stunning cartoon portraits. Each persons likeness is captured in 3-5 minutes depending on the details with each sitter (bald, beardless men are the quickest - go figure). Great entertainment value for the money.

Go to the contact page to start a discussion with the artist about your event. If you'd like more info before contacting the artist, make sure to visit the FAQ page at the bottom of the website.

Below is a link to an animation video I created to talk to other artists thinking about getting into the caricature business. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you like it.


We all love our furry friends. Daryl can create fun illustrations of your pets showing their character, using your photos and ideas.

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"Thank you Daryl for your amazing work that evening. Our guests had so much fun watching you and having their picture drawn. Thanks for attending to each of the guests that approached you. All of us, young and old had a blast!"

Jo Dee O
for a wedding