Daryl Stephenson, Artist, Caricatures, Cartooning, Embroidery, Pet Products, dog bandanas, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, B.C, Canada

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Q - How many people can you draw in an hour?

-Digital, full colour, full bodies, approx 9-10 people an hour

-Digital, full colour, no bodies, approx 10-11 people an hour

-Traditional, black and white, full bodies, approx 11-12 people an hour

-Traditional, black and white, no bodies, approx 15+ people an hour

Q - Do you charge each person individually at live events?

-No, the host of the event is charged an hourly wage, your guests receive their drawing(s) free

Q - What is the difference between digital and traditional caricatures?

-Traditional caricatures are drawn with black markers on 11X14 or 11X17 quality paper

-Digital caricatures are drawn in full colour on a large art tablet, the drawings are displayed on a flat screen for the entertainment of your guests, even if they choose not to be drawn. Drawings are printed on 8.5X11 quality glossy photo paper. Multiple drawings can be printed so each guest drawn will receive a drawing.

Q - What do you use to protect the drawings?

-Whether you choose digital or traditional, your guests will receive their drawings protected in a clear envelope with a cardboard backing. This allows your guests to show off the drawing without worrying about spilling something on it.

Q - I've noticed that some caricature artists exagerate so much that it seems they are making fun of the guests. Is this what you do?

-Not usually, the artist can exagerate to the point of mockery but chooses not to. CARICATOONS strives to emphasis the good points in his subjects face and bodies.

Q - Do my guests line up for their drawing? Can you provide a sign up sheet and call them for their turn?

-Caricatoons does not use sign up sheets. Though it sounds like a good idea, sign up sheets only work if you assign someone to control them. When the artist is drawing, he is soley concentrating on drawing the people sitting in front of him and does not have time to "control" the line or work from a sign up sheet.

Q - Is digital caricatures more expensive than traditional caricatures?

-Slightly, yes. Digital requires more training, practice, equipment and costlier supplies

Q - I want to hire you at your hourly rate for an event and then try and make up the cost by charging for the drawings? Does this make sense?

-No, please don't. You should factor all costs into the price of admission for your event. Providing free caricatures is like saying "Thanks for coming out to the event".

Q - Do you have minimum booking requirements?

-Yes, this varies with the day of the week or season of the year. Best to ask this question when inquiring about a live event.

Q - How long does it take to set up? Is setup included in the rate?

-It takes 45 minutes to an hour to set up for a CARICATOONS digital drawing session and about 30 minutes to take down. Traditional is quicker and usually only 15 minutes. You do not pay for set up, your hourly charge starts at the time you want the artist to start drawing.

Q - What do you need from me at the event? What do you require?

-The artist is, for the most part, self sufficient but you can make the gig more successful by providing the folowing at gigs.

1.Access to electricity

2.Three chairs

3.A quiet area (if possible) away from speakers as the artist needs to talk to your guests.

Q - I have a lot of guests, can I hire more than one artist?

-You can hire as many artists as you want. CARICATOONS only employees one artist (me) but can provide you with contact information for other artists but does not represent them nor provide any guarantees for their work. You would have to contact them seperately to arrange for their booking.

Q - Why would I hire a caricature artist for a trade show?

-Digital caricatures are a great way to bring people to your booth at a trade show. People will line up when they realise they can get a quality colour caricature for free. When they are in line, they have nothing to do but look at your products or services and listen to your pitch.

Q - What are your rates?

-Please go to the contact page and e-mail the artist for more info on hourly rates and minimums.

Q - Do you require a deposit?

-For most events the answer is yes, a minimum of $100 and up to 50% non-refundable deposit is required, depending on the event.

-It is the artist discretion on when to charge a deposit.

Q - Can you create original templates for each drawing?

-Yes CARICATOONS can create original templates for each drawing, even for traditional events I can create templates. For most of these there is no additional charge but sometimes people request templates with a lot of detail such as having a caricature of the bride and groom on each template. For these additional services additional charges may apply. Best to include these details when inquiring about your event so CARICATOONS can provide an accurate quote.

Q - Do you use pre-drawn bodies when drawing digital?

-To speed things up and provide a quality drawing, yes, pre-drawn bodies are used. Having said that, rules do not apply. When a guest or guests sit down, the artist will ask what their interests are and if they have any ideas for the drawing. If the theme for the drawing is not in the CARICATOONS library of images and is not too complicated, the artist will draw a completely original drawing.

Q - If I wanted you to draw for a short time at the start of a wedding reception and then stop for dinner and speeches and then carry on again, would I be charged for the whole time?

-Quite possibly yes, but if you include the artist in your sitting arrangements for dinner, he may be more than accommodating ;-).

Q - I am planning a charity event. Will you work pro-bono to draw guests and charge them to help raise funds?

-I have a few charities that I provide services for semi pro-bono. As much as I would love to volunteer all my time for special events, I need to make a living. If you want me to draw at a charity event I would suggest you ask for a corporate sponser to cover my costs. I would also suggest having a donation jar so guests can choose how much they would like to donate for their caricature.