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Mustang Shuffle: Graphic Novel

Adapted from an exciting crime novel set in Vancouver BC, written by my good friend Jeff Norburn. This one is a labour of love and I have been working on it for a long time and hopefully one day will finish. The images are from various selected pages and will give you an idea of the look of the project. If you're interested in purchasing the original novel (not my graphic novel version) the link to purchase it off amazon is below the images. BTW, I also created his cover for his novel seen below.

mustang shuffle mustang shuffle mustang shuffle

Link to buy the original novel by Jeff Norburn off Amazon



In my spare time, i try and come up with ideas for cartoon stickers. The eventual plan is to sell stickers and sticker packages. check out some of my examples below.


stickers stickers stickers stickers stickers


We all love our furry friends. Daryl can create fun illustrations of your pets showing their character, using your photos and ideas.

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The caricatures are fantastic. I'm looking forward to showing them to everyone

Konrad B
Happy Client